A Well Balanced Diet

wellbalancedA well-balanced diet and nutritious diet is the key to long and healthy life. A well-balanced diet includes all eatables with high protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. If you want to stay healthy you should include foods with all these things in your diet while decreasing the intake of saturated fats and processed food items. Eating in this manner will not only help you to promote a good state of health but an optimal body weight and shape as well.

If you want to feel full of energy all day long without any intake of caffeine than you should take these 5 essential foods : Vegetables, Berries, Fish, Whole grains and Nuts. These foods support your body to undergo your living without harm because they protect your body cells from damage. Proteins help your body rebuild damaged tissues due to which they are responsible in promoting a healthy immune system. Carbohydrates energize your body and vitamins help your body processes run successfully.

Healthy foods help your body to remain ideal and prevent many diseases including obesity. So make a habit to spare an hour a week to buy these above mentioned 5 essential foods. You will be surprised to notice how dramatically these foods will alter the way you feel. Let’s have a look how these five foods help you stay healthy

Here berries include all kinds of berries i.e. blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. They are all high in Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants which help your body lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Berries also work as anti-inflammatory and since inflammation is the main cause of many chronic diseases so berries literally work as saviors of your body.

Fish here includes all kinds of fish like tuna, trout, sushi and salmon. Like berries they are also helpful in preventing diseases. Fish also help your brain to work fast and prevent it from memory loss and psychological issues like depression.

All vegetables are healthy but some are beneficial in eating than others. Vegetables like Kale, Broccoli and Spinach add fiber into body which helps it to fight against many common diseases like obesity and diabetes. These vegetables are very low in their calories so they are very good if you’re looking forward to shed some pounds off.

There is a common perception that nuts like all other dry fruits are high in fat but contemporary research has postulated that nuts help your body to lose weight fast. People who are looking forward to reduce their waist should opt for nuts like walnuts, cashews and almonds.

wholegrainsLike fruits and vegetables whole grains are full of antioxidants which help your body fight against many chronic diseases like cancer. If you want to stay healthy then make whole grains a part of your daily routine. The simplest way to add them in your routine is to begin your day with oatmeal, Kashi cereal or whole grain peanut butter.

Remember that to stay healthy is the key to long life so whenever you shop for grocery stick to essential foods like vegetables, fruits, fish and proteins without going down the roads of temptation.

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Yoga Fitness

woman exercising yogaMany people think that their body is not capable of yoga because they cannot be flexible or lack bodily balance. If you’re also one of them then it is time to think again because anyone can do yoga. Yoga doesn’t necessarily mean to bend your body into a pretzel; it is all about the control of your body and mind. Yoga helps men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to build strength and balance.

Yoga is a great way to ease your stress because unlike aerobics or gymnastics it encourages your body to do all kinds of motions you’re designed to do. Many overweight people are often discouraged to do yoga because they think they might stick with their weight but research shows yoga is as helpful to obese people as it is to slim ones. It helps people of all shapes to gain strength and deal with problems like depression and insomnia. Apart from these things Yoga bears tons of more benefits like stamina, flexibility and balance. People who practice yoga claimed that it helped them gain mental clarity and fitness.

Whenever you plan to practice yoga, try to dress comfortably because you need to make stretching moves with your body. Stretchy T-shirts and shorts are best to practice. Since yoga is practiced with barefoot you have no need to care about special shoes. There are some tips which you might find helpful while practicing yoga.

First of all always choose the style which suits your body. Remember that all bodies are different and they have different abilities so choose your yoga style according to your body’s ability. Some people are more vigorous than others, some like only to meditate while some people prefer to focus more on body moves. So choose your style according to your comfort.

Different yoga programs are offered by trainers to befit the needs of all people. If you’re a beginner you should sign-up for one-on-one session and find a teacher of your liking. In this way you will learn better and your instructor will prioritize your needs.

Whenever you’re practicing yoga, always listen to your body. Never try to push or force yourself into positions that you may find painful to attempt. Remember that if you experience any pain during yoga it is a signal from your body to stop.

Don’t try to compare yourself to others. Many people try to copy yoga practitioner from different magazines and yoga DVDs which is utterly wrong. Every human body is not flexible enough to bend as a pretzel; flexibility needs time to develop so try to go at your own pace to learn things.

Lastly, if you want to get results from yoga then you should know that consistency is the key to success. People think that yoga once or twice a month is enough but you should know that it may be helpful to relieve stress, but if you’re seeking for benefits like balance of mind and control, strength and stamina, you need to practice yoga at least four times a week.

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The Effects of Steroids with Muscle Building

muscle_steroidsDue to the obsession with big muscles and big body the trend of using anabolic steroids has become very common among male and female athletes. Bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids to build muscles in order to improve their performance. Research shows that Anabolic steroids are being habitually used to enhance muscle size for cosmetic reasons and to increase endurance for competitive purposes. In recent times a drastic increase has been witnessed in their use. People are unaware of the fact that multiple-doses of (AAS) can lead to serious and irreversible damage to human organs. It is safer to search for some of the best bcaa supplements available to help with muscle building.

As anabolic steroids are powerful hormones they affect your whole body and the most common effects of Anabolic Steroids experienced by male athletes are increased sexual drive, increased body hair, occurrence of acne, aggression, reduced fertility and gynecomastia. Women who took anabolic steroids experienced masculinization and other effects like atherosclerosis, hypertension, blood-clotting, neoplasm’s, jaundice, carcinoma, psychological and behavioral disorders, carcinoma etc. In echocardiography studies it was postulated that people who take anabolic steroids for strength are more prone to heart diseases because steroids can have perilous effects on human heart and structure. It is responsible to accelerate the aggression, hostility and mood disturbances in many athletes due to which they lose their temper in the field play.

There are many conceptions about steroids and how they work. Research posits that they can be fatal for humans and if you are also curious about steroids there are something’s that you should know about them.

  • In simple words anabolic steroids are drugs which people take to increase their muscles and since this increase require your kidneys to enhance their filtration rate steroids can be fatal for you.
  • Many people believe that all kinds of steroids are pills; however it is not true: most of the steroids are inject-able. Both pills and inject-able steroids have their own effects on your body. Inject-able steroids are responsible for increased body hair growth, aggression and the damage done to your organs by inject-able steroids is less harmful than oral steroids which affect your heart and liver.
  • Steroids can have fatal effects on your body, for instance, they can be responsible for increased liver function which can induce serious liver disorders such as sub-cellular changes of hepatocyte, impaired excretion function, cholestasis, peliosis heptis, hepta-cellular hyptaplasia and carcinomas in humans. AAS induced liver disease may be dependent on the liver condition before starting the administration of drug. Some people have also experienced high blood pressure and increase in their cholesterol after taking steroids.
  • Steroids can also cause diarrhea, nausea, constipation, vomiting and other problems like nose bleeds, headaches and body cramps.

People should be familiarized with the risks of anabolic steroids, especially teenagers who are in the phase of development and are more threatened by these steroids. Teenagers in contemporary times take steroids to improve their appearance and athletic prowess and most of them are not aware of the damage that can be done through them. Teenage boys can even experience shrinkage of their testicles so you should now that steroids are not magical substance and you can get what you want with proper diet and exercise.

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Understanding BMI

BMIA lot of girls and boys seem anxious to know the proportion of their weight in accordance to their height. Not only the youngsters but people from all age-groups share this anxiety. This is natural, of course. No one likes to look fat, scabby and, quite possibly, dislikable. At first, it may seem rather tempting to answer the question because of its deceptive easiness. But the reality is most of the people don’t know how to tackle it practically, especially teen age kids. Although it takes a fair amount of one’s attention and time to keep weight under control, it’s not at all impossible.

First of all you should know its normal for two people of similar height as well as age to have different weights. You should know it is because people have different biological and anatomical structures due to which some girls are more thin or healthy than others and some guys are more muscular than other guys.

You should know that you can never point a specific number to be “right” for your body and age. It is possible, however, to determine how much weight it is necessary to have in order to be healthy. An easy way to determine the proper weight is to use Body Mass Index (BMI). It will help you to identify your weight in time, before it leads to some serious health problem. As mentioned above people grow differently and most teens grow faster during their puberty. In puberty body starts making hormones which are responsible for physical changes in your body, like change in shape of girls and fast muscle growth in boys. As the amount of fat in your body differs you tend to gain weight differently than others. You can have strange feelings about your body growth but this growth can be perfectly alright as far as it occurs in a right proportion.

Since your weight constantly changes in your teens you should not rely only on your teen age measures to determine whether you’re healthy or not. With the help of BMI you can measure your height along with weight and then compare it with BMI chart to figure out your health. You can consult a nutritionist to help you in this regard. He will compare your measures on BMI with other people’s of the same gender and age to tell whether you’re at risk or not.

You should also consult a doctor because doctors don’t only rely on BMI because sometimes BMI can give a good indicator but it doesn’t always give a full picture of your body. For instance people with large body frames can have high BMI but in actual they are normal and on the other hand people with small body frames can have a normal BMI and still can have endangering body fat. Doctors, in this case, check you thoroughly by asking about your eating habits and physical activities. He will also ask about your family to find out whether your weight is inherited or you’re just a late bloomer. He will put all of your information together to decide whether you’ve a growth or weight problem and in case of problem will refer you to a dietician or nutritionist.

As some teens are concerned about their overweight, some of them are concerned because they are underweight. If you’re underweight it indicates two things: first you’re undergoing puberty differently from your friends or you’ve some health concern. To identify the actual reason of your underweight you should notice these two things:

  1. You feel ill and tired all the time.
  2. You are regularly prone to cough, diarrhea and stomachache and cannot eat much because of eating disorders.

If you encounter any such problems like these you should consult a doctor and if you don’t it means you’re perfectly healthy and there is no need to be upset.

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Managing Obesity

obesityIn a time of such thriving competition when physical beauty is considered to be a trump-card to success in almost all fields of life, Obesity certainly turns out to be a great hindrance in every kind of personality development. It not only is taken as a frank expression of one’s laziness, but also damages one’s confidence in oneself a great deal. Another and perhaps most dis-likable disadvantage of Obesity is its social treatment as a disease. Obesity is not only a threat to your beauty but also a big health-concern. Obesity is a disease that on the one hand reduces the average age-time, while, on the other hand, becomes an ever-increasing source of health issues for the sufferer. Research has suggested that due to increased weight people not only confront serious health issues but become the victim of low self-esteem or lack of confidence some way or the other. Doctors contend that weight loss not only mitigates the risk of above mentioned issues but also helps people to enjoy life and evade physical passivity, allowing them to walk in every realm of life with confidence.

Everyone evidently or secretly desires to look slim, smart and beautiful. If you are one of them and working on your weight loss then of course you want fast results. There are many ways to lose weight, for instance, starvation, fad diet and weight loss pills etc. However you should know that their results never last long, so, if you want to lose your weight you should go for healthier options. Without starving your body you can easily lose 1.5-3 pounds a week. All you need to have is a healthy diet plan and an hour a day of exercise.

The most important thing you need to do is to set you goal. For instance, if you want to lose 15 pounds in a month you should plan your diet according to your goal. If you weigh less than 160 pounds then you need to take in 1000-1200 calories a day along with exercise of 40-45 minutes. However if you weigh more than 200 pounds you need to cut down your calories further and should extend the time of your exercise to 1.5 hour a day. The best way to diet is to limit sodium and starch in your eatables. For rapid and effective weight loss you should only stick to fruits, vegetables, proteins and white meat.

There are some tips which you might find helpful in losing weight effectively.

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits because they are not only good for your health but also low in calories. If you are looking forward to lose weight fast you should stick to vegetables and fruits because they will make you feel full and you won’t feel weak during your weight loss journey.
  • Drink plenty of water because water will not only make your body feel full all time, it will also cleanse your body because water is a de-toxifier. You can also add some simple ingredients in your water like lemon or cinnamon for fast results.
  • Get all the tempting and junk foods out of your home. Determine yourself to stay away from food which makes you fat and the best thing to do it is to remove every bit of junk from your home.
  • Make yourself a ‘food journal’ and write down everything you eat. Keeping a track of your diet reminds you that you’re on a weight loss mission and you need to stay away from things which make you fat.
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